Friday, May 28, 2010

Cake Competition

Tropicana City Mall held a cake competition on Mother's Day. My sister-inlaw and her son were taking part and asked my daughter and me to take part as well.

In the beginning I was not too keen but then I said ok as it will be a great Mother's Day outing for the kids as well.

Sprinkle was the name of our team.

Contestants were provided with a 1kg butter cake and were given 40minutes to decorate the cake. The icing was also provided. All the other items including tools and decorative items were brought in by the contestants.

I am always used to working with butter icing and fondant. I didn't expect to be working with fresh cream which was very soft. Oh, no! It was my first experience working with fresh cream.

Somehow I managed to decorate the cake with it.

There were so many creative and beautiful cakes. When they announced the third and second prize winners, I thought to myself, what an experience! Now, we can have our tea.

When they announced the first prize winners, my daughter and I were speechless. Yes, Sprinkle won the top prize. My daughter was shy and reluctantly went up the stage to receive our prize.

We received a hamper worth RM1,000 worth of dining vouchers and products.

My other two kids were very excited. We decided to use the dining vouchers to have tea. We had about RM500 worth of dining vouchers and no we didn't burn all on tea. :)

All in all it was a memorable Mother's Day!

Judges deliberating.

My masterpiece.



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