Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yeah Mickey

This cake brought back childhood memories. Never missed the Mickey Mouse Club show on TV. What I remember most is the closing song which my brother and I used to sing...

.... Now it's time to say goodbye to all of our company, M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E...

Anyway, this was for a little boy who turned one. A chocolate walnut cake.

Just one more...

... I think. My friend Manjeet was going to present this cake as a gift to her guests over the weekend.

Just before that, it was her birthday. Since she is observing a special diet, I baked her some gingerbread cupcakes. Just plain ones.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The monday after Diwali ...

I have still not recovered from Diwali baking. I think I overbaked myself. Wish I was still at home sleeping.

Here are cakes that I made for orders as well as the ones I gave as 'gifts' when I went visiting.

I also made three chilled lemon cheesecakes and cupcakes ... no frills.

Dora the Explorer

This is Dora, the main character from the TV series, Dora the Explorer. The show features the adventures of Dora, her monkey Boots, her Backpack and many other animated characters.

The Dora cake was made for a little gal who was celebrating her third birthday.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Diwali

Party with Cakes would like to take this opportunity to wish a Happy Diwali to all who celebrate this joyous festival.

Party with Cakes will not be taking any more orders for Diwali. We will start taking orders from Oct 20 2009 (Tuesday) onwards.

Have a great celebration and a wonderful weekend.

Sugee oh sugee

Made these sugee cakes for a customer who wanted to serve them for Diwali. She ordered two cakes, 2kg each and wanted them cut into four and wrapped individually in foil.

This blog turns one

It has been a little over a year since I started this blog. Sept 15 marks the actual date. The date came and went without me realising it.

This is how I found out:

I have been looking for stainless steel measuring cups and spoons for some time now. And I put the word out to my friends all over to buzz me if they ever came across one.

I already have two sets of plastic measuring cups and spoons but I just love the metallic look and feel of these kitchen utensils. I first fell in love with them when I saw pastry chef Anna Olson using them on her show, Sugar.

I finally found them at Bake with Yen in Puchong and I hesitated buying them. Why because I already have two sets.

I was relating my story to my friend, Manjeet, and she encouraged me to get them. She said, 'Let it be an anniversary gift to yourself for starting your blog. When did you start your blog?'

Well, the rest is history. I am now a proud owner of three sets of these baking tools. And I love my latest addition the most! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vadivellu who?

Here's a cake for a guy whose colleagues liken him to Vadivellu. Tamil movie fans will know who Vadivellu is. He is a Tamil movie comedian.

The image shows the birthday boy on the left and Vadivellu beside him. Check out the poses. Aren't they similar?

Of course, the birthday boy would dispute this. He would like to see himself as the next Will Smith. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slam dunk and Miss Dainty

We usually celebrate our youngest daughter's and son's birthday together as their birthdays are only three days apart.

My son is into sports especially any kind of ball sports. This year he wanted a basket ball cake. This cake was inspired by Creative Cakes ... with a Touch of Grace. This is a cake book by my teacher Grace Mariasoosai.

Initially, my daughter wanted a fairy themed cake ... the main cake on Grace's book cover. But due to my health issue, she just had to settle for a princess cake (also an inspiration from Grace's book). Sorry dear.

The kids had a great weekend with their friends!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who is this fairy?

These cakes were made for a five-year-old whose party theme was five fairies. Her favourite fairy is Tinkerbell. The cupcakes were made for the celebration at her kindy while the big cake was for the do at home.

The fairy figurine was store bought. Small drama/story behind this fairy. More like an emergency. Phew! Got that sorted out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shark attack!

The month of October seems to be a busy month for me. Cakes, cakes and more cakes. I really enjoy myself when I make a certain design for the first time. And this is one of them.

This shark cake was for a seven-year-old boy. He celebrated his birthday by going to Aquaria KLCC with his friends.

Sugar flowers and chocolate demos

Cake Connection (CC) had two demos as part of its first anniversary celebrations. The first was on sugar flowers and the other on chocolate making.

I love the beautiful flowers at CC and this demo was conducted by the lady (sorry, I forget her name) and her team who makes those flowers. If you want to make flowers, you must have patience and time. And that I do not have.

Patience is needed to mould, tint and colour every tiny detail of a flower. And time to dry each petal and leaf. By the end of the demo, I learned how to make the flowers, bunch them together and place them on a cake. But what I learned more is to appreciate the effort and work put in by the people who make those lovely flowers.

Let me tell you this .... if you think sugarpaste flowers are expensive, they are not. The price is worth every bit of effort that you are not putting in to make those flowers. :)

If you are a chocoholic, then the second demo would have been perfect for you. The chocolate making demo was conducted by Jay Wong of Baker's Choice.

Jay explained the difference between couverture and compound chocolate. He showed us how to melt and mould chocolate. We learned how to make the filling for the chocolate. Jay localised the flavour by creating a durian filling. Everyone got to take back four pieces of chocolates. I loved the durian filling. It was yummy! (I love anything durian!)

Jay also showed us how to make chocolate curls on transfer sheets. As I had to leave early, I am not sure if I missed anything else. But what I do know is Jay and CC had a very good offer package for all participants of the demo. The offer was only for that day!

A princess' party

I made this for a three-year-old 'Princess.' The theme of her party was Disney Princesses. The bottom two tiers were vanilla butter cakes while the top tier was a chocolate cake.


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