Sunday, March 22, 2009

Liverpool Rules!?

When this request came in, the first thing my hubby said was... tell them you only make MU cakes. I was like, yeah right! Statements like these can be bad for business...

I have to say that I am no football fan. Actually, I don't care about football. With that said, I definitely don't understand the rivalry. :) Anyway, I make cakes for all teams.

Here's the birthday cake:

I later found out that this cake was actually for a Man U fan. Why the Liverpool logo? Well, it was ordered by colleagues who are majority Liverpool fans. They wanted to rub salt to the wound since MU lost to Liverpool recently.

18 SX

Naughty cakes, anyone? These would be great gift for a hen party?!

Learned to make these at Cake Connection last weekend. Hmmm... naughty and nice!

MU cup cakes

These were for a guy who was celebrating his 27th birthday. You guessed it, he is a fan of Manchester United!
Like all cakes, there is a story behind these cakes as well. Let's just leave it between the sender and the receiver...

A rich chocolate moist cake for a 70th birthday:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chocolatey fun

Recently, I attended a whole day chocolate-making workshop. The workshop was an eye-opener for me and it was worth the money spent.

We were given different types of chocolate to taste. And for those of you who thought chocolate is just chocolate, think again.

Chef Steven showed us techniques on how to temper and mould chocolates, pralines and truffles.

Eating chocolates is the easy part. Making them... that's a different ball game altogether. But the end result makes it worth the effort.

Personalise your chocolates: Decide the shape, designs, the kind of fillings you wanna have... ganache, hazelnuts, rum and raisins, perhaps? Using quality couverture, gets you great tasting chocolates. YUmm!!! If you get shiny chocolates, it means that the chocolate was tempered at the right temperature.

All in all, I really enjoyed this informative workshop!

Here are the chocolates and truffles I made during the workshop:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The little blue man

I made this pull pull-apart cake for a friend's colleague's birthday today. She is a fan of Smurf.

According to my friend, everyone at the office loved the cake and said that it was very cute and unique. The birthday gal LOVED it - she was almost in tears.

Thank you all, you just made my day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

MCDC 3rd get together

The Malaysian Cake Decorator's Club (MCDC) had its 3rd meeting on Saturday. It was hosted by one of its member's, Ambika.

There were lots of food. The vegetarian spread was delicious. Yummmy!!!! Loved the carrot dessert.

There were a few activities lined up on the agenda. We learned three types of breathing techniques; two of them would help you sleep well (this is one of the many benefits) and one to keep you going thru out the day feeling energetic. Thanks Ambika for those useful exercises.

Next, a figurine demo by Min of Mama Min. She is really a cake master. Learned a few tips on figure moulding. It's not as difficult as I thought! The mermaid and her companion looked really cute.
It was a fun gathering. Ladies exchanging ideas and laughter. We were able to put faces to some of the names on the forum. :)

A token of appreciation was given to the host by MCDC's founder Jo.

Finally, there was a pleasant surprise for all of us from Ambika. She presented all of us with a handy personalised timer. Thank you, Ambika, for being such a gracious host.

Identical cakes?

These cakes were made for a client who's family members were celebrating their wedding anniversaries; parents' 30th and sister's 8th wedding aniversaries.

She wanted the cakes to have similar colours and design so that they would look good in photos.

If this cake looks similar to a cake I made sometime back... yes it does. The client wanted the same design and colours as the cake I made for her cousin. That cake was for a 7oth birthday.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It toppled over

Last night I decorated two cakes. The first was the Mad Hatter cake, a miniature version. I wanted to remember what I learned at Jo's class two weeks ago.

I just made 2 cakes of different sizes and carved them accordingly. Then covered them with fondant.

My version of why this cake is also called a Mad Hatter: I went mad doing the it.

Since the kitchen was humid, the fondant started 'sweating,' ... major! So the wet look.

As I was doing two projects yesterday, I was rushing to finish this cake. In the process, I did not spend enough time on making the support strong for the top tier. So it looked like it was going to topple any time.

I hate taking photos at night and in the house. Since the cake looked like it was going to topple any moment, I had no choice but to take photos immediately.

Right after these photos were taken, The top tier just toppled off. :))))

I should be sad :(( but it was so funny I started laughing!!!!

Next time, I will definitely spend more time on this Mad Hatter.

Now for the second project: I have been wanting to try out the buttercream transfer technique and pull-apart cake for sometime now. So this is a two-in-one project.

I kept pushing off doing this project because I was not sure how it was going to turn out and if the cup cakes would stick together.

I also enjoyed 'drawing' out Hello Kitty.

Actually, it was easy peesy. My kids were like, 'Wahhhhh, amma, so nice.' That made my day! :) Love to do more of these in the future.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's never too late

This cake was ordered last weekend. The client said, "I know it's over, but it is better late than never, right." Well, she was right about that. You don't need Valentine's Day to express your love to your loved ones!

Flower Power: One of my friend's ex-colleague ordered this cake for herself. She has been introducing her friends and family to me for cake orders and now she has ordered one for herself. Thanks, Melissa.

Finally, a cake for an 8-year-old Totally Spies fan.
Opps, not over yet. I made three mini cakes for my kids. How can I forget them. :)
The one with the green border was decorated by my daughter.

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