Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sugar flowers and chocolate demos

Cake Connection (CC) had two demos as part of its first anniversary celebrations. The first was on sugar flowers and the other on chocolate making.

I love the beautiful flowers at CC and this demo was conducted by the lady (sorry, I forget her name) and her team who makes those flowers. If you want to make flowers, you must have patience and time. And that I do not have.

Patience is needed to mould, tint and colour every tiny detail of a flower. And time to dry each petal and leaf. By the end of the demo, I learned how to make the flowers, bunch them together and place them on a cake. But what I learned more is to appreciate the effort and work put in by the people who make those lovely flowers.

Let me tell you this .... if you think sugarpaste flowers are expensive, they are not. The price is worth every bit of effort that you are not putting in to make those flowers. :)

If you are a chocoholic, then the second demo would have been perfect for you. The chocolate making demo was conducted by Jay Wong of Baker's Choice.

Jay explained the difference between couverture and compound chocolate. He showed us how to melt and mould chocolate. We learned how to make the filling for the chocolate. Jay localised the flavour by creating a durian filling. Everyone got to take back four pieces of chocolates. I loved the durian filling. It was yummy! (I love anything durian!)

Jay also showed us how to make chocolate curls on transfer sheets. As I had to leave early, I am not sure if I missed anything else. But what I do know is Jay and CC had a very good offer package for all participants of the demo. The offer was only for that day!



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