Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Flour Pot Cookie project

Since I took a break during the schools holidays, it was the best time to experiment some recipes. It was also a good time to rope the kids in to do some baking.

This time, we decided to bake and decorate cookies based on The Flour Pot Cookie book. The cookie recipe is quite straightforward. What makes a sugar cookie interesting is how you decorate it.

We got the dough done. The recipe requires the dough to be stored in the refrigerator for at least an hour before use as this will make it firm and not sticky. I just put in the fridge until I made the royal icing as my kids couldn't wait to cut out their cookies.

Since it was sticky, I just added flour to the dough in order to roll it out properly. Then it was my kids' turn to have a go with the cookie cutters.

We baked the coookies for about 15mins and here they are ready for decoration.

We decided to use only two colour: pink and white to decorate the cookies.

Once the royal icing dried rock hard, we put them in the jar. The cookies were yum and I thought we had so many cookies and it was going to last for some time. But boy was I wrong! They were all gone in two days. :)

It was a fun project that we all enjoyed tremendously!



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