Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Am I a supporter? No, I 'm just a baker

I was asked to make this cake with the Liverbird image.I am guessing the recipientof the cake is a Liverpool fan.

My son, a Man U fan, sat in front of me while I was decorating this cake. He sat quietly for awhile before asking, 'Do you support Liverpool?' I told him no. He was very happy with that response.

I knew where he was coming from and told him that this was someone's request to have the Liverbird image and not because I am a Liverpool fan. (Me no football fan!) With that, he said ok and ran out of the kitchen.


Mrs Top Monkey said...

WHAT A CAKE!!!! I love it!!!

I'm a Liverpool fan and so is my hubby. Now I know where I can get a cake for him. :))

yuha said...

Thank you, Mrs Top Monkey. Unique nickname. :)


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