Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a hot pot

Over the weekend, I also had a request to make a steamboat cake. Since I had never made such a cake, I was up for the challenge.

Made two cakes; the bottom cake as the stove and the top cake as the steamboat. All went as planned and I finished decorating the cake around midnight on Sunday.

As some of you know, I hate taking pictures at night especially in my kitchen. But my gut feeling told me to take a snapshot of the cake before putting it into the box and I followed my instincts.

Ten minutes after putting it into the box, disaster struck! The top portion of the cake started cracking. I think the prawns and the fish balls were just too heavy for the cake.

Now for plan B ... The cake is not going to survive the night. Quickly using two spatulas, I scoped the top cake. Luckily, the bottom cake was not damaged. Here's the damaged cake:

In times of desperation, you will be surprised how ideas spring to mind. I did the second best and possible way to make the cake look like a steamboat and here is the result:

I told my friend what had happened and she was ok about. In fact, she and her colleagues loved the cake.

I was still upset, no doubt. But now on hindsight, I think plan B looked better than the original plan.



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