Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crispy, chewy, chocolatey cookies

During school holidays, I usually will sign up my kids for baking classes. This time, we decided to do some baking together at home.

We decided to bake chocolate chip cookies for tea.

As usual, all three of my kids wanted to do everything... from sieving the flour to tasting the dough. Two eggs were used, so each one had the chance to crack open one. Three of them and two eggs and each cracked open one. That doesn't add up, does it?

Well, within the first 10mins of the process, my second gal got upset with her brother and left. So it was the two of them. These cookies are simple to make and time taken is less than 20 minutes.

When it was time to scoop the dough onto the baking tray, the two of them lost interest and off they went to play badminton ... abandoning me to finish up the cookies.

I must say that the dough itself was tasty and the cookies turned out very crispy and chewy and chocolatey. Yummmm!



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