Monday, March 9, 2009

MCDC 3rd get together

The Malaysian Cake Decorator's Club (MCDC) had its 3rd meeting on Saturday. It was hosted by one of its member's, Ambika.

There were lots of food. The vegetarian spread was delicious. Yummmy!!!! Loved the carrot dessert.

There were a few activities lined up on the agenda. We learned three types of breathing techniques; two of them would help you sleep well (this is one of the many benefits) and one to keep you going thru out the day feeling energetic. Thanks Ambika for those useful exercises.

Next, a figurine demo by Min of Mama Min. She is really a cake master. Learned a few tips on figure moulding. It's not as difficult as I thought! The mermaid and her companion looked really cute.
It was a fun gathering. Ladies exchanging ideas and laughter. We were able to put faces to some of the names on the forum. :)

A token of appreciation was given to the host by MCDC's founder Jo.

Finally, there was a pleasant surprise for all of us from Ambika. She presented all of us with a handy personalised timer. Thank you, Ambika, for being such a gracious host.



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