Monday, March 16, 2009

Chocolatey fun

Recently, I attended a whole day chocolate-making workshop. The workshop was an eye-opener for me and it was worth the money spent.

We were given different types of chocolate to taste. And for those of you who thought chocolate is just chocolate, think again.

Chef Steven showed us techniques on how to temper and mould chocolates, pralines and truffles.

Eating chocolates is the easy part. Making them... that's a different ball game altogether. But the end result makes it worth the effort.

Personalise your chocolates: Decide the shape, designs, the kind of fillings you wanna have... ganache, hazelnuts, rum and raisins, perhaps? Using quality couverture, gets you great tasting chocolates. YUmm!!! If you get shiny chocolates, it means that the chocolate was tempered at the right temperature.

All in all, I really enjoyed this informative workshop!

Here are the chocolates and truffles I made during the workshop:



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