Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New kid on the block

Just discovered a new pastry school, ECOLE de Patisserie or School of Pastry, in Petaling Jaya. The school was established last month. The school offers certificate and diploma courses.

I decided to check out the place last saturday. It was their Open Day. The place is still very new. Their certificate and diploma courses are not exactly for working people like me. Why I say that is because at the end of every course there is a 3 month industrial training. It is compulsory. I am not sure if I can take three months off for this.

They also have short courses. Everything you need to know about the courses can be found on their website.


MyCuppyCupCake said...

i think we attended 2 classes together (calvin & jo)..

yuha said...

Hi, Mycuppycupcake.

I went to yr blog. Nice work! Not sure who you are. Couldn't fing yr name. What's yr name?


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