Monday, February 23, 2009

Funky cake

Last saturday, I attended the topsy-turvy cake class. The cake is also known as the Mad Hatter cake.

I have read about how to make this cake but never really attempted to make this cake. I am more of a visual person. I need to see it being made and then... the rest is history. When this class came up at Cake Connection, I signed up immediately. Joanne Fam was our instructor.

Joanne used 6 cakes of different sizes to make the two tier cake. There was a lot of carving and shaping. Once you do this cake, you can add another title to your profile: A sculptor.

Yes, a lot of sculpting is done for this funky cake. But the end result is really wonderful. Joanne told us to use contrast colours to make this cake look really funky. She used hearts and the bubble effect to decorate. You can also use flowers. It's all up to you.

The bubble effect:

The hearts:

Joanne putting finishing touches to the cake:

The class was fun. Thanks Joanne!



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