Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caterpillars went unnoticed

A friend of mine (not going to name anyone) asked me to make cup cakes for her niece's birthday. She wanted anything kiddy.

I lined and decorated the cup cakes to look like two caterpillars. When she came to collect the cake, she was happy to see the cup cakes. She and her family loved the cup cakes, unfortunately, none of them realised that the cakes were made to look like caterpillars. Sigh! :(

At least, my kids were able to identify the caterpillars. That was a consolation. :)

Had leftover cup cakes from the caterpillar cake and decorated them with Valentine's Day in mind.

I also made a birthday cake for another friend's aunt who turned 60. The birthday gal works for a fireworks company which explains the image on her cake.

Another cake for the same friend who's cousin was celebrating her 44th birthday. This was a smaller cake..

Went over to Cake Connection the other day and bumped into Calvin Ng. He had just finished his hands-on class for the handbag cake. Just couldn't resist taking photo of the cake. Looking lovely and real, isn't it?

The bag behind this bag was made during the demo class last week.



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