Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Need a vacation

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. I think I need a vacation. No... I need a vacation. By the beach... doing absolutely nothing.

Hopefully, I can rest a bit next week when I take a break from work. My kids are bored... have to take them out some place for the holidays. I have planned some activities for them... Don't know where they get all that energy. It's like, where can I go next, what can I do next, next, next, next...

Right now I am thinking... it's ok, I don't need a vacation. Let me just have a day. A day to wake up when I wake up, have a nice breakfast, laze about and go back to bed... That will be the ultimate! At this point in time.

Let me stop myself before I go on and on.... here's the trifle that I made using the leftover cupcakes. Just two nights ago I told my husband that there is so much trifle in the fridge, maybe I should just distribute it. He told me not to cos he loves desserts and has to have some after dinner. I agreed.Yesterday, my kids did not go to my mom's place. And they managed to polish off most of the trifle, leaving only a few scoops for my husband. Leave a bunch of kids at home and what do they do? They finish up anything sugary. Sigh!!. How can I lock my fridge? Ideas, anyone?

Last week I made an orange cake. The customer was quite happy with his cake.. :) It was for his parents' 25th wedding anniversary.
Oh yes, this picture was taken of my new oven during one of the cupcake marathon sessions. The cupcakes are packaged in gold (below) and red boxes. It comes in three flavours; vanilla, gingerbread and chocolate, two cupcakes for each flavour. In total, there are six cupcakes in a box. It's a great gift for the festive season. Guaranteed yummy! Contact Cake Connection if you want to get your hands on these cupcakes!



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