Friday, December 19, 2008

Kids have fun

Well, I am back from my mini break. During the break, baked a few cakes. One was a birthday cake for a client.

Baked a birthday cake for my daughter, Trishala. She didn't want a cake for her big day because she was sick of the smell of cakes. I don't blame her because every other day I have been baking cupcakes... She wanted me to make her jelly. And I did.

But I baked her a cake, anyway. The rest of the family will definitely want the tradition of cutting the birthday cake.

Made some cupcakes to give Sakthi who just moved into her new house.

Sakthi decided to do something for the kids for the holidays. She signed up my kids and her twins for a cupcake demo at Bagus. The demo was conducted by Chef Nirmala. There were about 60 kids. Yeah, that many! They had a good time during the demo. Pictures seen below are courtesy of Bagus.



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