Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy, happy, happy

I know this is a cake blog but I have to announce this to the whole world.... Trishala got 3As and 2Bs for her UPSR.

I am so happy for her. Woohoo!!!

Now back to cakes... On Monday, Trishala iced her cake. She wanted to use butter icing instead of buttercream that she learned. Buttercream is much lighter and easier to apply on a cake than butter icing. There is a different technique to apply butter icing. But I was not going to have an argument with her about it, so I left her to ice the cake.

I gave her the necessary tools and colours and the kitchen was hers. An hour later, when I came back, she told me that her cake was ugly. The cake looked like it was crumb coated. I had to explain to her that this icing was different and that I let her experience it on her own so that she will learn from it.

Told her that I would have warned her but instead we would have argued and she would end up thinking that I just didn't want her to ice the cake. She just smiled and we just left it that way.

I am glad she learned something. Here's her masterpiece:

The pattern on the cake says, We LOVE U, and according to my daughters, this cake was meant for me. Very sweet of them.



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