Monday, November 10, 2008

Good job, Trish!

Last Friday, my daughter attended her very first cake decorating class at Cake Connection. It was called Icing on the Cake. Since it was a working day, there were only three students including her.She was kinda proud and felt special because she was the only young student in the adult class.

She learned to bake an orange. She was taught how to ice the cake. The cake was then decorated the cake with sugar paste flowers.I must say, she did a pretty good job. She got to bring back the cake home. The orange cake was yummy. This class was a good experience for her.Later, she was bugging me to let her bake a cake. She wanted to try a different recipe and chose a recipe from my collection.

Today she will ice her cake on her own. She already has plans to bake a cake for the class party this Friday.... we'll see how that goes. :)

Here are two birthday cakes I made over the weekend:



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