Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy time of the year

I still haven't had time to test my latest baby... my Eropa oven. Hope to do so today. Baked a chocolate cake last night. It's a birthday cake for my gym instructors' daughter's third birthday. It's a Minnie Mouse cake.

This morning my camera battery was out and I could not take a picture of this cake. Fortunately, I got my colleague to take a photo of the cake when I brought the cake to work. Thanks a million, Jinn. If you are wondering why I brought the cake to work, well, the gym is in my office.

I will be quite busy from next week until the first week of January 2009. Working on a project to supply cupcakes to Cake Connection. It's gonna be a busy holiday season.

Don't know why but thinking of all this baking makes me want to sing the Pat a Cake nursery rhyme. Since I can't sing it to you, I will just pen it down here:

Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker's man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
Pat it and prick it and mark it with a 'B',
And put it in the oven for Baby and me.


Bakelicious said...

Left you an award here

yuha said...

Hi Beatrice. Thank you for the Lemonade award. You made my day!


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