Monday, October 20, 2008

Different kind of baking

Weekends seem to be the busiest time for me. My friend Sakthi wanted to make some cookies for Deepavali (this weekend). She wanted two cookies and we decided on ghee biscuits and pineapple jam tarts.

Since we baked them, I decided to write about it in my blog. Armed with all the ingredients, my daughter and I went over to Sakthi's place. I decided to make my cookies here as well.
We started off with the ghee biscuits. We finished making them quite fast. It was fast because we had six pairs of hand; sakthi and her two gals, her aunt, my daughter and myself.

The pineapple tarts were a bit tricky cos it needed a lot more work. We had to press out the dough and then roll it over the jam. The kids did most of them and they were much faster than the adults.

In fact, the gals enjoyed making it so much that they were seeing the $$$$ sign by the end of it all. They wanted to start a business doing jam tarts. They started making plans to market it and the whole works on how to set up their business.They were quite disappointed when we told them that they can only do this during the school holidays.

So much for the Deepavali cookies...

I also baked two cakes; a birthday cake for Chitra's mom and a company's 10th anniversary cake.
I found the anniversary cake very challenging. They wanted the company building on the cake. This is my first attempt at constructing a building out of cake. I covered the cake with fondant and then iced it.

The cake had an indent in the middle. Even with dowell rods, the building was slanting a bit.
Decorating this cake was not as easy as I thought, but one thing I know is that I gave it my best shot. Maybe next time I need more time to work on projects like these.



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