Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday weekend

My kids have been waiting for this weekend for so long and now it's finally over. Of course it's not without drama. I took pictures of the cake before and after they were iced.
Everything was going well as planned. I baked the cakes on Thursday and iced my daughter's Ariel cake on Friday morning. Friday evening after dinner about 10pm, I started icing my son's WALL.E cake.
When I was finally down to icing the background of the cake, I decided to stop and clean up, cos I wanted to make some cup cakes. We wanted to give them away to kids who were going to attend the party. I just wanted the kitchen clean for my next project.

So far so good.

As I finished cleaning up, I just turned towards the cake... I don't know how it happened... the cake fell and turned turtle on the floor. Oh my god!!!! Oh my god!!! It felt like my life flashed just before my very own eyes!

I need a cake, a cake, a cake, cake... was all I could think of. Or else I was going to have a very disappointed child the next day.

I just didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Laugh definitely not. I was so scared to see what was beneath the board. Didn't want to see it alone. Quickly ran to my room and called my husband. He helped me turn the cake back to position.

I thank the Mighty Lord that the cake did not break into pieces. But the icing was gone. My husband helped clean and mop the floor. Had to scrap off the smashed icing and start decorating all over again. No point in crying over spilt milk... err... icing. It felt like I had iced two cakes in a row by the time I finished. Too tired to bake the cup cakes after this.

Next morning, started on the cup cakes, this time without any unwanted incidents. :) The characters on the cup cakes were my kids' favourite TV characters: Disney Princesses, Spiderman, Cars and High School Musical. They turned out cute.

I thank my lucky stars that my kids were not around to see the disaster. This is the first time such a thing happened to me. Well, there is always a first time to everything... Next time I will be extra careful.



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