Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a relief.

My son's and daughter's birthdays are coming up in October. I always ask them few weeks in advance what cake they would like for their birthdays.

They get very excited and will bring out all my cake books to choose their cakes. Each one will choose a few cakes and and try to push their lucks by asking for two cakes each. Since we celebrate both their birthdays on the same day, i cannot agree to that request or else we will end up having four cakes for the celebration. And a bunch of sugar high kids (and adults).

Finally, my son wanted a pirate's dagger and my daughter was still undecided. Arrghhh. I like to have an idea what I need to do and get before making my cakes, so this was of no help to me.

Yesterday, I took them along to buy some stuff at ICCA. Guess what, they got excited all over again after looking at the cake tins for rental. After thinking long and hard, my daughter decided on the Ariel cake pan and my son tool the Wall E pan.

Phew!!! Quickly booked the pans and left the store before they changed their minds. Why didn't I think of this earlier??!! It took them less than 10 minutes to decide as opposed to changing their minds everyday for the past few weeks.



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