Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well done!

My friend, Yoges, has been asking me to teach her to bake cakes for the longest time. I keep telling her that she always keeps asking but is never making any effort to make time to learn.

I don't blame her because her work is such that something always comes up and her personal life is put on hold because of that. And whatever time she has during weekends are used to run errands. Sigh!

Fortunately, last weekend, she managed to attend a cup cake class at Cake Connection. I was so happy for her. The cup cakes that she decorated were lovely. Well done, Yoges! All you need to do now is find time to make them at home. :)


Shivaranjani said...

Well done,Yoges akka!I'll send you some orders for Diwali,ya?!?!?

glowingshadow said...

oh Yoges athe now you can bake cup cakes for my birthday!!

nice blog Yuha aunty.


yuha said...

Thank you yoegeetha.


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