Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Never enough

Over the weekend, I baked three cakes; two fruit cakes and a butter cake. The fruit cakes were ordered by someone and the buttercake was for the home.
When I make cakes for the home, I don't like to have any balance cake after cutting it. I will immediately cut them and put them in storage containers... one for the kids and the father, one for my parents and, this time, one for the office.

I don't like keeping cake in the fridge cos I am afraid that I will end up eating more than I should. Don't want to tempt myself. Thank you very much.

Of course, my kids are not happy about it but I always tell them that I bake often so there will be a constant flow of cake in the house. That keeps them quiet for awhile.

It is never enough. There is always someone fighting to polish off the last piece. I am happy though!



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