Monday, September 15, 2008

How it all began ....

I have been wanting to do this (blog) a long time and finally got down to doing it. I have been baking and trying out new things since my primary school days. My tasters back then were my family especially my dad. He was always the one who was eager to taste whatever I made and made requests for cakes when he felt like eating them. He was my number one fan.

Over the years, some how, I lost touch with baking and we even sold off our Kenwood. We sold it off cos we never thought we would get back to using it anymore. Sob. sob. sob.

After all these years and three children later, I have gone back to baking and cake decorating. Actually, I have to thank my sister-in-law for this. She has been the baker in the family and we have been enjoying her cakes for all occasions.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis some years back and she could not bake her wonderful cakes any more. Cos she gets tired easily and has aches and pain. We ended up buying cakes from the shops which we did not enjoy very much.

That's when I decided to take up the cake baking classes. I wanted to make cakes just like my sis-in-law for my kids' birthdays. I enrolled at the same place where she learned baking ... Grace Home Cakes. I did my basic there as well as learned some continental cakes.

That's when I felt that I had rediscovered my joy for baking and decorating. Thank you, Grace.

Along the way, I took up various classes at Bake with Yen, Bagus as well as ICCA where I did Wilton Course 1. Finally learned the Wilton rose. :)



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