Monday, September 29, 2008

Cupcake stand

I love cupcake stands. Nice to arrange them (cupcakes) in a tree-like manner but I am not willing to spend my money on getting one of them. But I found a very interesting way of serving the cupcakes.

I got the idea from CakeJournal. It's easy to do and the best part of it is that you can decorate the stand according to the theme of your party.

So this was my project over the weekend besides making two fruit cakes and a butter cake.

All you need are metal pins, two 5in x 3in cake dummies, scissors, wrapping paper, ribbons, glue, and three cake boards (8in, 10in and 14in). The cake boards that you get must be the thick ones, so that you can stick the ribbons around it. I couldn’t get a thick 14in cake board, so I used two thin 14in boards and glued it together.

You need two types of ribbons; broad ribbons to go around the cake dummy and thinner ones to cover the side of the cake boards.Firstly, wrap the broad ribbon around the cake dummy. I did not glue the ribbon instead used metal pins because I want to reuse the dummies.
Then cover the cake boards with the desired wrapping paper. Once that is done, take the thinner ribbons and glue it around the sides of the boards.Take one cake dummy and and place it at the centre of the 14in board and glue it together. Then place the 10in board on top of the dummy and glue it. Take the other dummy and glue it on top of the 10in board.
Finally, place the 8in board on top of that dummy and stick it. There you go, now you have an elegant-looking cupcake stand for any occasion.I am planning to use this for a baby’s baptism lunch. The theme is gold and beige. The baby’s parents have ordered a cake and cupcakes for the lunch and this will be an excellent way to serve the cupcakes.

The following week, I will use it for my son’s and daughter’s birthday do. I will give a pat on my back for this. :)



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