Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The connection

I love to go around checking out places selling cake decos as well as baking supplies. Recently, while surfing Yasmin's Baking Project (http://www.bakingproject.com/), she mentioned that she went to Cake Connection (http://www.cakeconection.com.my/) in Petaling Jaya.

Hmmm... I was very excited cos there aren't many places selling cake decos where I live. So excited, I just had to go check them out the next day. It was easy to find. They are in Jaya One. Met up with the two nice ladies, Nancy and Shyamala. Just loved the cosy setting of their shop.

They carry a variety of flower decos as well as a range of sprinkles. Loved their cosy kitchen where they conduct classes. It does not give you the classroom feel at all.

Bought some vanilla essense. Really loved these. It's made locally but very different from what I usually buy. Came back for more later.

I also attended a wedding cake class here. It was taught by Calvin Ng of Black Forest Tavern. I enjoyed the class very much and I have signed up for the next wedding cake class. Can't wait to learn more interesting techniques. Here's Calvin's masterpiece from the first class:


The Voice said...

CONGRATS! Yuha on the launching of your blog.

We've known Yuha and her family for quite a while now, and I know she bakes with passion. In fact anything she does, she does it with passion. I've tasted her cakes on a few occasion, and I must say "It's Awesome baby!"

yuha said...

thank you for the compliments.


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