Monday, September 29, 2008

The air brush technique

Last friday, I attended the Autumn Wedding Cake class by Calvin Ng at Cake Connection. As usual Calvin's class was lively and interesting. He is ever willing to share tips and advice even if it is not related to the class he is teaching.In this class, he was going to show off the air brush technique. Since this was an autumn themed cake, he needed leaves and flowers that reflected the season. First of all, he took green leaves and air brushed them with brown and orange colour to give them the autumn look. Then he grouped them together to make a spray of leaves.

He used Gerbera daisies. He air brushed the daises yellow. All flowers and leaves for the demo can be found at Cake Connection. Beautiful aren't they? They were then left to dry. The air brush technique is very interesting and very easy to do. You just need to get the hang of holding the gun and spray the colours on whatever you want. Cleaning the gun is easy after the usage of each colour.

I was very interested to get one myself, but then again, can I justify getting an air gun at this point in time. Maybe not now but it is something that I would consider getting in the future. Hmmm... an interesting, artistic gadget.

This was going to be a four tiered wedding cake. It was a dummy cake. Not the real thing but, nevertheless, it looked very real and pretty in the end. Calvin started off by rolling the
fondant to cover the dummies. The final tier was an odd-shaped dummy. He wanted to give t he cake a different look. Not the usual round tiered cake all the way.

After that, he arranged the leaves and the flowers. Once that was done, he wanted to decorate the borders of the cake with beads. He used a bead cutter to make the beads. This was news to me cos I always thought that the fondant was rolled into small balls to make the bead border.
And I always wondered how these beads were rolled into such perfection that all of them were of the same size. Silly me, now I know.

I always learn new stuff when I go for classes like these. New things like the bead cutter. I have seen it ICCA but never once bothered to find out how to use it. And guess what, today, I actually purchased it from ICCA, cos I need it to decorate a wedding cake soon. :) While I was there, I got the square imprint mat. Very satisfied with my buy. Oops, sorry for digressing a bit.
As I was saying, with the beads and the way the flowers were arranged, the cake looked ready for the season. Calvin brushed the beads with pearl dust to give it a more realistic look. Nice touch!


TJLoop85 said...

Very interesting technique. I've seen a couple wedding cake designers use it in the pass and it's great to see more individuals giving it a try.


yuha said...

Yup, it is very interesting. Very artistic I would say.:)


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